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Magic Fresh® is an environmentally friendly carpet treatment specially formulated to destroy all common household odors, pet odors, even cigarette smoke.

Magic Fresh® is not a deodorant that masks odors, but instead, is a breakthrough technology that chemically absorbs and decomposes gases from the source of the odor over a period of time. Magic Fresh® is self-renewing, will withstand numerous cleanings, and excessive abrasion while still maintaining its odor destroying abilities.

  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Destroys common household odors, pet odors, even cigarette smoke.
  • Withstands repeated cleanings
  • Exclusive carpet treatment
  • Protects your customers investment
  • Adds value to your carpet selection offerings
  • Unlike other products in the market wich may disappear after the carpet is steam cleaned. Magic Fresh® is self-renewing and doesn´t disappear.



Beaulieu Announces New Independent Test Data for Its Odor-Controlling Magic Fresh® Carpet Treatment

DALTON, GA May 4, 2009 – Beaulieu announced the results of an independent laboratory test that confirmed the odordestroying power of its Magic Fresh® carpet treatment on pet urine. Carpet samples treated with Magic Fresh and untreated carpet samples were subjected to equal amounts of pet urine to evaluate the odor controlling capability of Magic Fresh. “The results were even more dramatic than we expected,” commented a delighted Jeff Meadows, Executive VP, Beaulieu of America.

Men and women were asked to judge the strength of the odor in a blind smell test. After two days, participants detected very little or no odor at all with the Magic Fresh samples, while the untreated samples still had a strong pungent odor. The test also registered the presence of ammonia in parts per millionth (the odor-causing component of urine) in the air over the same two-day period. The Magic Fresh samples registered a sharp and rapid decline in the ammonia level in the air of the test chamber over the same 48-hour period.


“An odor-free environment is critical for property managers showing apartments. Strong odors like pet urine are a real turn-off to potential renters –even those with pets themselves,” observed Meadows. “We recognized in 2008 that this economic recession would make property management issues like flooring selection, care and maintenance for apartments more important than ever … so Magic Fresh has become more important than ever.” To remind dealers about this emerging market with their customers and the effectiveness of Magic Fresh, Beaulieu is developing a Magic Fresh testing kit called “Take the Magic Fresh Challenge”. “We tried this out at Surfaces this year and dealers were amazed how well this works,” recalled Meadows.

Introduced in 2002, Magic Fresh is still the only carpet treatment of its kind. Beaulieu is quick to point out that the treatment is self-renewing, meaning it never disappears – even with steam cleaning – for the normal life of the carpet; and that it’s environmentally friendly. Magic Fresh is offered on select Beaulieu carpets such as Bliss Healthy Home™.

In addition to pet urine, Magic Fresh is effective in pulling strong common household odors such tobacco and fish out of the air and destroying them. In her presentations about the treatment, Patricia Flavin, Senior VP of Marketing with Beaulieu, recalls how a dealer she knew would keep a sample of Magic Fresh-treated carpet in his car so his wife wouldn’t detect his cigar smoking. “Not that we advocate using it like that,” said Flavin, “but that’s just how good it is.”

Beaulieu of America is the world’s #1 carpet-only manufacturer with headquarters in Dalton, GA. Brands include Bliss by Beaulieu, Coronet and Hollytex; as well as Beaulieu Commercial.

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