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Enduring Materials

Long-lasting STAINMASTER® carpets begin with STAINMASTER® high quality, durable fibers that can be reclaimed and recycled:

  • Made with nylon 6,6 fibers for strength, durability and recyclability.
  • Can be reclaimed or recycled to make new products like STAINMASTER® EcoSoft™ carpet cushion which contains over 90% recycled content (only nylon 6,6 face fibers used)
  • Without sacrificing performance, engineered to be recycled and incorporated into new products.
  • Are part of the INVISTA Carpet Reclamation Program, which has collected over 85 million pounds of carpet since 2001, equaling over 425,000 cubic yards of conserved landfill space.


STAINMASTER® specifically engineer it's fibers to deliver long-lasting STAINMASTER® carpets, which can reduce the need for replacement and additional manufacturing:

  • Last up to 50% longer and stay up to 30% cleaner than other carpets*.
  • Utilize LotusFX® Fiber Shield anti-soil chemistry – inspired by nature – to minimize soil adhesion.
  • Undergo a rigorous 10-point lab testing program.
  • Are made from uniquely shaped tri-lobal nylon 6,6 fibers that enhance product performance.


INVISTA strive to conserve resources, reduce emissions and eliminate waste every day as they produce products that create value to their customers and society:

  • Energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for the manufacturing of STAINMASTER® carpet fiber are comparable to competitive fiber types.** Additionally, when combining life-cycle analysis and performance testing results, using longlasting STAINMASTER® carpets can result in up to 37% lower energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions (expressed as CO2 equivalents) than other carpets.*’***
  • INVISTA has conducted a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) which measures the eco-profile of their manufacturing process and the length of time a product performs during its first life, which they define as the time period from when a new carpet is installed until it needs to be removed due to unacceptable appearance and/or performance.
  • Pursue 3rd party evaluations to help their consumers identify STAINMASTER® carpets that demonstrate environmental benefits when compared to other products in the same category.
  • Each INVISTA employee shares the responsibility to manage INVISTA’s operations around the world in a way that protects the environment and the health and safety of employees, customers, contractors and the public.
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