Kitchen and Bath Fixtures

Though the flooring and walls of a bathroom is an important contribution to the style and effect of the room, bath fixtures are the major components that can make the bathroom a stunning visual ensemble. Bath fixtures can actually dictate the look and theme of a room. Simple and clean lines can depict a contemporary or modern look. On the other hand, bath fixtures with fluting or etching exude a more traditional style. Meanwhile, kitchen fixtures such as the sink and faucet can complement or become a major accent to a kitchen design.

The materials used for kitchen and bath fixtures also affect design. Sinks made from stainless steel or glass match a contemporary or modern theme. Those made from porcelain, natural stone, or copper are inclined towards more vintage or traditional themes. Bamboo sinks are perfect for country style homes that are predominantly designed with wood.

Aside from design and style considerations, it is essential to choose kitchen and bath fixtures for functionality and durability. Sinks, faucets, toilets, tubs, and showers are one of the most used and are constantly subjected to flowing water. If not chosen well, these are the most vulnerable to water stains or molds.

Choose the most elegant and luxurious kitchen and bath fixtures from the industry’s leading brands offered by Aladdin Carpet. Aladdin Carpet provides quality kitchen and bath fixtures with innumerable designs to choose from which will satisfy even the most meticulous of homeowners or designers.

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