Carpets are one of the most widely used floorings that provide comfort and elegance to any home. It is generally composed of textile pile of various types such as wool or other fibers attached to a backing material. The main advantage of a carpet is the insulation it provides any room. It warms and insulates a room better than any other type of flooring. Due to this advantage, a carpet is known to save energy and lower energy bills of homeowners.

Other than insulation, a carpet is also preferred over other types of flooring because of the elegance and distinction it gives any room. It comes in innumerable colors, styles, and designs that will complement and enhance its surroundings.

Though some care must be undertaken for carpet cleaning, technology has now made it possible to make carpets more resistant to dirt, damage, and odors. There are also carpet treatments available in the market that can wipe out common odors and keep your carpet smelling fresh even after spills.

Before purchasing your carpet, visit our guide to carpet buying and installation to ensure that there are no problems and your remodeling or construction goes perfectly.

Why Choose Aladdin Carpet and Floors will help you to know why we are the best option for your purchase

Styles of Carpet

Texture Carpet

The carpet loops are cut then slightly twisted but not curled as much as frieze carpet. The textured surface helps mask footprints, so it's perfect for high traffic zones and casual areas. Versatility and practicality contribute to this carpet style's popularity.

Loop Carpet

Also known as Berber carpet. The carpet loops are all roughly the same height. This carpet often has flecks of additional color accenting the main hue. Loop carpet is sturdy, comfortable and great for family rooms and spill-prone areas.

Frieze Carpet

The carpet loops are cut, then tightly twisted so the fibers appear to curl at the pile surface. This dense carpet, pronounced 'free-zay', works well in high-traffic areas.

Plush Carpet

The look and feel of absolute luxury. Dress your formal setting with the irresistible velvet-like finish of plush carpeting.

Wool Carpet

Wool carpet is easy to clean, non-allergenic, strong and durable, crush resistant, inherently fire safe, resistant to static, comfortable and environmentally friendly.

Pattern Carpet

Islands of high-cut pile contrast with lower loops to form an up-and-down sculptured pattern. It sets a contemporary, upscale tone - great for a family room or den.

Stainmaster® Carpet

STAINMASTER® carpet with LotusFX™
Fiber Shield

The fibers in our carpet are different. Our multidimensional fibers are specially designed for beauty and performance to create the stunning carpet styles that INVISTA's Stainmaster® carpet is famous for.

The STAINMASTER® Carpet Difference

Learn about the advantages of Stainmaster® carpet. Learn how it resists stains, cleans easily, withstands traffic, eliminates static shock and so much more....

Magic Fresh Carpet

Magic Fresh® is an environmentally friendly carpet treatment specially formulated to destroy all common household odors, pet odors, even cigarette smoke.

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