Why Bamboo Flooring?

Bamboo is now considered the hottest trend in flooring with a variety of designs and styles that continue to attract designers and homeowners with its sophistication and elegance. Bamboo flooring provides the same hardness and sustainability as hardwood but at less cost to the environment. Considered the fastest renewable resource, bamboo has now become the choice of consumers who place utmost value to environmentally friendly products without compromising beauty and durability.

Bamboo flooring is available in a wide range of designs and tones that are sure to fit any home that deserves only the best. Majority of floor retailers carry both horizontal bamboo flooring and vertical bamboo flooring which are either processed as solid bamboo planks or engineered bamboo planks. There are likewise more uncommon designs such as strand woven bamboo flooring, and hand scraped bamboo flooring. Due to the more difficult processing of these types of bamboo flooring, it is understandable that they command a higher price than the usual bamboo planks.

Aladdin Carpet is one of the best experts in bamboo flooring and offers a wide variety of designs that will surely complement and enhance any home.


Horizontal bamboo flooring and vertical bamboo flooring are available in traditional finish and stains commonly available in the market. Stains vary from the lightest shade of cream to almost black. For those who prefer conventional finishes, these are the types you may want installed in your home.


For those who prefer a unique look to their bamboo flooring, the exotiques come in unusual extraordinary finishes which are either strand woven flooring or hand scraped bamboo flooring. These are the types not commonly seen in ordinary homes and will definitely get praise from neighbors or visitors.

Styles of Bamboo

Earth & Classics
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