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Regardless of changes in design trends and emergence of new flooring materials, hardwood floors will continue to be the timeless choice of homeowners who value prestige, elegance, and durability above everything else. Hardwood floors not only make a home beautiful, but it also increases the value substantially. Hardwood floors are the benchmark of a homeowner who cares dearly for his home and has the proficiency in choosing the best materials to keep it in top shape.

Armstrong offers the best quality hardwood floors in varieties that can match any home décor. Whether you prefer one that complements a design that is traditional, contemporary, or rustic, Armstrong can provide you with the perfect hardwood floor, complete with industry-leading warranties that will give you a lifetime of beauty, enjoyment, and service from your floor.

Hardwood Floor Collection

Armstrong’s hardwood floor collection includes those from American hardwood trees like maple, cherry, and oak. These are available as engineered, solid, or parquet wood flooring. Other unique options like exotic wood, Hand-scraped hardwood, and distressed hardwood are also available for those who prefer a different look for their home.

All Armstrong hardwood flooring is sold “pre-finished.” This avoids many of the issues with finishing on-site. It means no sanding, dust, chemical fumes from the coating and finish, and no downtime for drying.

Choosing the Right Hardwood Floor

With hundreds of options available, choosing the right wood specie, shade, and texture is not that easy. A major consideration would be the lighting and colors of the room. To assist you with the choice, you may want to get a few samples from your retailer to bring home and check how it appears in the actual room. It will also give you a chance to check how the grains and textures will look alongside other furnishings.

You may also choose the level of gloss on your floor. Note that this does not have any effect on durability , but merely aesthetic and dependent on your personal preference. However, it may be important to consider that high gloss hardwood floors have a tendency to reveal scratches easily while the same scratches would not be so apparent on one that has a lower gloss.

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