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One of the biggest investments that any person is expected to undertake in his lifetime is his home. It is considered the ultimate trophy for hard work and success. As such, we care for our home as much as we can and make improvements when the opportunity arises. And just as we spent much of what we worked hard for to acquire our home, we also try to place a decent investment in its maintenance and improvement. It is therefore important to get the best materials and service for any home improvement.

The challenge is to find the right dealer and contractor to undertake the project for us. Normally, we would ask family and friends for recommendations or opinions in finding the right contractor for the job. Now, there are websites that can provide a list of professionals within your area together with how they have been rated by consumers.

Among the most reputable sites offering consumer reports and reviews is Angie’s List. Angie’s List is an online word-of-mouth network that provides unbiased reviews and feedback from service companies provided by actual consumers that have had experience with the company. Unlike other so-called reviews, those on Angie’s List are dependable since they are made by paying members and they have established a system that prevents companies from rating themselves or using it to advertise their products or service. Thus, Angie’s List has become the refuge of consumers who want to make an informed decision in hiring service companies and dealers.

Angie’s List serves as a testament to Aladdin Carpet and Floors’ quality products and unparalleled service in the home improvement industry. Aladdin Carpet and Floors was ranked by Angie’s list as one of the best home improvement contractors and dealers in the Washington Metro area. Though customer testimonials prove that Aladdin Carpet provides quality building materials and home improvement services, being top rated by Angie’s List affirms these customer sentiments.

Aladdin Carpet, as a family-owned business, has stood by its objective to provide the best in carpets and flooring together with expert installation and competent customer service. For Aladdin Carpet and Floors, it’s more than just business – every client and home deserves the personal touch. It is no wonder that homeowners not just recommend the company as a home improvement expert, but they also come back again to avail of the services. For Aladdin Carpet, it is a great honor to be ranked as one of the best home improvement specialists in the Washington area by the same people they served.

With its commitment to provide the best service and products, Aladdin Carpet and Floors’ business remains robust as it gains recognition and more customers. And it is the company’s vision to continue serving homeowners within the Washington area with the same unparalleled service and support that has given it the recognition it deserves in the home improvement industry.

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